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The Westminster College Forum is privately owned and operated by Westminsterians for Westminsterians. We invite all former staff and students of Westminster College Oxford to enjoy these features while building a strong online community:

MEMBERS - Search and contact other Old W's without their email address.
PROFILE - Highly customizable with widgets for photo gallery, news, friends and more. Easily upload and crop your personal portrait avatar.
QUICK POSTS - A generous 400 characters for quick posts and chat.
GROUPS - The heart of the site. Join or create groups for any topic in general or the Westminster experience. Owners can mass or individually email group members. NEWS/ARTICLES - Unlimited writing and discussion on a full range of topics.
PHOTOS - Create albums for your photos or embed them in your posts. Add descriptions. Commentable by everyone.
ACTIVITY - See who's added what to the site.
WCF FRIENDS - Create your circle of old W's - invite former housemates, club members or new friends you make at Westminster College Forum.
EMAIL NOTIFICATION - Keeps you updated on new group activity, comments on your posts and photos, and on members contacting you.
EVENTS - List upcoming happenings you want the community to know about.
ARCHIVE - Photos and audio recordings from the Westminster College past.
LIKES - See how many people appreciate your contributions to the site or let them know you like theirs!

No Tracking. No third party involvement. All members verified genuine alumni or staff. Independent site privately owned by Westminster alumni.

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1990s Group - Westminster's glorious final decade.
What's New? - A place to share life after Westminster.
1970s Group - Contribute to the group with your tales, anecdotes.
The Ex Pats Page - A different perspective from members outside the UK.
1960s Group - Food in the Dinning Hall, the Saturday Hops, WUS week, Teaching Prac.
What Are You Reading? - Our book club. All readers of any genre welcome!
1950s Group - Westminster College winds up its final years in the shadow of Big Ben.